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The Raccoons 4x2

The Sky's the Limit

There’s a flight contest about to take place in Evergreen. Cyril, greedy for the 1st price, puts the poor pigs into a plane, where they begin praying that they won’t hit the ground too hard. Enter: Troy Malone, breakneck ace-of-the-sky, and Melissa’s former romance.

He and Mel are immediately struck up with each other, making Ralph think he has a rival. He gets jealous, fearing he might loose Melissa. Ralph falls into a kind of self-esteem crisis, feeling he’s just a rather boring newspaper editor, and no match at all for an exciting and dynamic guy like Troy. (“”Learn to accept it, Ralph… Some people are made to make the news, and some people are just made to write it down…””)

In order to prove his worth, he takes the pigs’ place as Cyril’s pilot, and finds himself in an air race against Troy. As we might guess, Troy wins the race, while Ralph crashes down.

The proud winner jumps off his plane, his arms open for Melissa, who hurries towards him, straight past him, straight past him,

The Raccoons: 4×2
Nov. 07, 1989

The Raccoons season 4