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Redwall 2x13

Return to Redwall

In the pit of the kingdom of Malkariss, Matthias fights off Slager who escapes to daylight as Matthias joins his battling friends – now reinforced by the released slaves. As Matthias joyfully embreces Mattimeo an earthquake shakes the ground, the terrible Polecat statue topples and with it the kingdom of Malkariss starts to collapse – with the slaves and the rescuers still inside and Slagar ouside and free.

At Redwall, Ironbeak pcenetrates the barricate which protects the Redwallers and takes them hostage. He attacks Sister May which enrages huge Stryk who fights an aerial duel with Ironbeak – as Constance breaks free and attacks the birds from behind. Ironbeak’s army swiftly surrenders and Redwall is saved!

And the kingdom of Malkiriss is doomed – but not before Matthias and Orlando are safely ejected from the earthquake, only to face Slagar, the cause of all their greif and loss. Fleeing from their ferociaus attack eh falls into the depths of the collapsing underground city – and is

May. 07, 2001

Redwall season 2