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The Beast and the Bell

Docking at a marketplace for supplies, Ren and Niddler learn that not everyone believes in the quest when Ren is mocked by a pair of merchants. Aboard the Wraith, Tula sees a vision of a beast’s face after sensing something strange in the air. The Compass acts up, drawing Ren to the sea where Primus arises and tells him to abandon his search for the Thirteen Treasures. Instead Ren is to seek the Bell of the First Sound, located on the island of Banjamaar, which will destroy the Dark Water with one ring. Tula advises against this, having sensed the evil presence earlier, but follows Ren under a ring of floating stones that encircles the island. The people of Banjamaar have large ears and wield staffs like tuning forks, producing magical energy through sound vibration. Their leader, Konjit, doesn’t believe Ren is Primus’ son, so Ren and crew are thrown into prison. Using Tula’s magic to escape, they break into the temple to ring the Bell. Tula tries to warn Ren when she sees the

: 1×8
Nov. 02, 1991

season 1