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From his cell, Teron tries to warn Bloth of his visions of the approaching Dark Water, but he is only interested in getting the Compass from Tula. Bloth throws Konk into the pit where Ren and Niddler are hiding. When the Constrictus attacks, Konk helps them fight it off and trap it, but Ren is stung in the process and quickly weakens from the poison. Konk escapes (to a crew angry over losing their bets to Mantus), and Niddler takes Ren back to Avagon for healing. Bloth orders Teron to calm the seas or forfeit the Andorus soil bed he needs to live. Ioz and Zoolie recover from the gassing, and Ioz vows revenge on Tula for her treachery. Ren has a fever dream in which his father speaks to him but transforms into Bloth, gloating that he will control the Dark Water if Ren fails. Ren recovers and learns of Avagon’s planned uprising against Bloth. Tula meets with Bloth in his quarters and gives him the Compass in exchange for gold. Ren and Niddler spot her topside, and Tula’s true in

: 1×5
Mar. 01, 1991

season 1