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Magic Earmuffs

Christopher Robin, you know you can’t skate without your earmuffs…”” his Mum calls. He rushes out to play. Piglet is making a snowman, as the others whiz by on a snowboard and pick him up along the way. Gopher’s ice fishing and Roo wants to play a game of Ice Cookie – (they don’t have a real hockey puck) Piglet doesn’t want to play – he can’t skate and is terribly embarrassed. Christopher Robin gives Piglet his earmuffs and tells Piglet that he can skate with them and Piglet thinks they’re magic. Eeyore is goalie, and eats the puck as it’s hit toward him. He’s knocked on his back, then gets up and walks off. After the game, Pooh goes to retrieve a hunny put and the gang go with him. The ice on the lake starts to crack. Piglet sees and is horrified as they’re heading toward a waterfall. He puts on his earmuffs, grabs the gang’s skates, and starts skating from ice piece to ice piece. He hurls the skates to the gang and tried to skate to safety, but the earmuffs come off and Piglet loses

: 1×22
: 1×22
Dec. 24, 1988

season 1